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EH and static applications [was Re: dl_iterate_phdr support for static applications]

On Saturday 05 March 2011 23:22:19 Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> Hi all,
> attached is a patch to support dl_iterate_phdr for statically linked
> applications. This has two direct use cases at the moment:
> (1) TLS support (since ld.elf_so can't do it for -static)
> (2) libgcc_s's exception handling
> The second part is also important for dynamically linked programs, since
> it removes the need for the register calls and the associated locking
> mess in libgcc_s.

AFAIK, libgcc_s has nothing to do with static applications. Why do you think 
it does?

Stock gcc's crt{begin,end}T used in static application linking still call the 
frame register calls.


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