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Re: termcap(5) references

In article <1295641708.1959.7.camel@uberpc>,
Roy Marples  <> wrote:
>Hi List!
>Some man pages still reference the now removed termcap(5) man page and
>often refer to it to describe the layout of it's own configuration file,
>like printcap(5).
>Since the initial commit of libterminfo, it improved later so that it
>could support $TERMCAP and read the capability or database defined there
>as described by the old termcap(5).
>So, should we restore termcap(5) or does anyone have any other better,
>more forward thinking ideas?

I see two choices:
1. make a new cap(5) man page that describes the *cap format and make pages
   point to that.
2. restore the old termcap man page, but state on top that this is a
   compatibility interface and point to the terminfo man page.

The second one is less work :-)


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