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Re: resize_ffs improvements

On Dec,Friday 24 2010, at 5:32 PM, Christopher Berardi wrote:

>> hi,
>> I have done some small improvements to resize_ffs. With [1] patch it ask for 
>> confirmation if user has run fsck on filesystem (requested by agc@) and I 
>> have 
>> changed default behaviour of tool to grow filesystem to device size by 
>> default,
>> shrinking is still possible with -s parameter. I would like to commit this 
>> patch and add resize_ffs to release build to have at least ffsv1 grow/shrink 
>> working for users.
>> [1]
>> Regards
>> Adam.
> I've done some more work on this, too. I attempted to recycle newfs(8) code, 
> though I wasn't entirely successful in the integration. I did, however, make 
> important improvements in the realm of user usability. For example, I add 
> options for entering the new size in different units, such as KB, MB, GB, 
> etc. as well as a percentage of the current filesystem size (such as 150% of 
> current file system size). 
> Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing my code.

Yeah I'm interested and if you can show it to me it would be good. 



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