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Re: Default behaviour of 'ifconfig'

In article <>,
David Young  <> wrote:

>The "?" flag is not a model of usability itself: it does not work
>consistently across shells unless you backslash-escape it.
>csh: {1} ifconfig -?
>ifconfig: No match.
>tcsh:~> ifconfig -?
>ifconfig: No match.
>sh$ ifconfig -?
>ifconfig: unknown option -- ?
>usage: ifconfig [-h] [-m] [-v] [-z] [-L] interface ...

You are supposed to know how globbing works in your shell. Otherwise
PEBKAC, and it is not the "?"'s fault.

csh> set nonomatch
csh> ifconfig -?
ifconfig: unknown option -- ?
usage: ifconfig [-h] [-m] [-v] [-z] [-L] interface ...


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