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Re: Default behaviour of 'ifconfig'

> A cursory check on the Unix systems I run, including some Linux
> boxen, revealed that all of them but NetBSD have 'ifconfig', when
> called without arguments, default to the behaviour of 'ifconfig -a',
> which seems both natural and handy to me.

And it seems unnatural to me...which is really to say, I think this is
more a question of what you're used to than it is of either of those
behaviours being "right".  (Actually, at least on the Linux systems
I've had inflicted on me, I think it's more like what we spell
"ifconfig -au", but I think the difference between ifconfig -a and
ifconfig -au is ignorable for the purposes of this discussion.)

For what (little) it may be worth, I prefer the "usage summary"

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