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Re: MKLUA variable

Am 31.10.10 19:19, schrieb Adam Hamsik:
> Hi,
> I think that with LUA import we should add mk variable to disable LUA from 
> build. Because not everyone will want to install LUA on their 
> systems(embedded devices e.g.), if we add other software which will depend on 
> lua it should be conditionally compiled in with MKLUA, too. I was asked by 
> Mark to discuss this issue on public mailing list first, so here is it [1].
> [1]

I disagree.  Lua is a very small library and adding the MKLUA knob only
adds complication without any benefit.  E.g. it would mean that all
programs in base that want to use Lua would have to use C preprocessor
conditionals etc.

A lot of complexity for absolutely no gain.  Lua should now be
considered part of NetBSD.

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