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Re: [HEADS-UP] growfs port for ffs2 and ffs1

On Oct,Friday 29 2010, at 3:44 AM, Christos Zoulas wrote:

> On Oct 28,  6:58pm, (Thor Lancelot Simon) wrote:
> -- Subject: Re: [HEADS-UP] growfs port for ffs2 and ffs1
> | On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 12:13:29AM +0200, Adam Hamsik wrote:
> | > 
> | > I have been testing growfs in a loop for some time now (ffs1, ffs2,
> | > wapbl) and everything works fine, I will commit this during weekend if
> | > there are no real objections.
> | 
> | I object, and I consider my objection (which is the same as the objection
> | raised by a member of core!) to be real, even if you do not.
> | 
> | > Existence of resize_ffs which was never included to build and can't resize
> | > ffs2 file system can't be considered as issue. 
> | 
> | I don't think it's correct to simply declare that others' objections
> | "can't be considered as issue".  Resize_ffs is in our tree, it works, and it
> | can shrink filesystems, which the code you propose to commit cannot!  I
> | do not think something that duplicates most of its functionality, adds one
> | new feature (support for ffs2) but omits another (shrinking filesystems)
> | should be committed.
> I also don't think it is too hard to make it work with ffsv2... It is just
> mechanical changes.

Are you going to do them, because otherwise it doesn't matter how hard it's it 
will never be done last commit was done to resize_ffs in 2007!! and it was some 
white space fix. No one cares about this tool and truly said it's not even used.



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