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Re: mounting wedges by name

On Oct,Tuesday 26 2010, at 7:42 AM, Michael van Elst wrote:

> (David Young) writes:
>> Besides UUID and name, there are other volume properties that it would
>> be nice for mount(8)/fstab(5) to match on, and there will probably be
>> more properties in the future.
>> What if you allow properties to be named by dotted keywords, and reserve
>> the wedge. space for dkwedge_info?
> For other properties there is the problem to find usuable matches,
> i.e. wedge.offset is dangerous unless you also specify wedge.parent.
> Names (like the wedge name or the partition UUID) don't have this
> problem because they are either unique or can be made unique
> without side effects.
> But using the device properties to pass multiple names is a good
> idea and could be easily backported so that you can even ignore
> (and phase out) the DIOCGWEDGEINFO  interface.

Why do you want to remove DIOCGWEDGEINFO and what should be a replacement for 
it ? DIOCGWEDGEINFO is already used by all of our tools and many others to get 
information about available disk space from partition, logical volume etc.



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