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Re: mounting wedges by name (David Young) writes:

>Besides UUID and name, there are other volume properties that it would
>be nice for mount(8)/fstab(5) to match on, and there will probably be
>more properties in the future.

>What if you allow properties to be named by dotted keywords, and reserve
>the wedge. space for dkwedge_info?

For other properties there is the problem to find usuable matches,
i.e. wedge.offset is dangerous unless you also specify wedge.parent.

Names (like the wedge name or the partition UUID) don't have this
problem because they are either unique or can be made unique
without side effects.

But using the device properties to pass multiple names is a good
idea and could be easily backported so that you can even ignore
(and phase out) the DIOCGWEDGEINFO  interface.

Now to define a schema for the wedge data. Disk drivers provide
a disk-info dictionary, should a wedge use the same or have its
own "wedge-info" dictionary?

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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