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Re: Userland Lua

Am 26.10.10 17:20, schrieb Joerg Sonnenberger:
> On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 04:17:38PM +0200, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> - The unaltered Lua sources go to external/mit/lua/dist.
> As discussed previously, this would require a second copy or a move of
> the dist files for Lunatik. It would be better if this can be addressed 
> first.

Yes, it has been discussed and the conclusion of this discussion was to
go ahead as proposed.

>> Q: Can Lua in base use Lua modules installed from pkgsrc?
>> A: Yes, see above.
> The default module directory is missing from the mtree specs. It should
> be versioned to less problematic with incompatible API/ABI changes with
> Lua updates. Same should be considered for pkgsrc, but that's a separate
> discussion.

Indeed, the module directory should be added to mtree, I'll add that.
It is versioned.

> Do we want to be able to use lua in RC scripts etc? E.g. would it make
> sense to push it into root?

you mean /bin instead of /usr/bin? I am not sure here.  I tend to say
no, Lua should be used embedded in C programs imo and not as a language
for general commands.  But that is only my opinion, I am open.

> Why do you force static linkage of the Lua programs?
> You don't have to set MAN if it is ${PROG}.1. -DLUA_USE_READLINE should
> be in CPPFLAGS and <> included first. Same for the lib.

I'll check this.

> Should -DLUA_USE_DLOPEN be conditional on MKPIC?

Not sure if Lua makes a lot of sense wo/ dlopen(), that it's maybe a
different story.

> Note: tarball of the new files and diff for the rest would be easier to
> look at it.

All under external/mit/lua would be in the tarball, including the
Makefiles, I think that is not so practical.

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