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Re: mounting wedges by name

In article <i9f757$j34$>,
Michael van Elst <> wrote:
> (Christos Zoulas) writes:
>>Looks good:
>>- you could make the mib array static const.
>The other uses (say in vmstat) all initialize an auto array.

So if it is done poorly shouldn't we improve it?

>>- there are some missing spaces after commas.
>>- I prefer to write the strtok loops:
>>      for (p = strtok(array, " "); p; p = strtok(NULL, " "))
>That's just copy&paste from another such loop in the same file.


>>- I think you really need to use iconv instead of casting the utf8 and using
>>  strcmp.
>I had some private discussion about this. Pathnames aren't
>interpreted according to locale, why should partition names
>be different? Also, there could be partition names that have no
>valid representation in the current locale.
>How would iconv impact say /rescue/mount ?

Now that I think about it is perhaps better not to use iconv here.


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