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Re: floating point test suite ?

Stathis Kamperis wrote:
2010/10/9 Manuel Bouyer <>:
Hi Manuel

I strongly suspect that the MIPS floating point emulation has some
issues (the numbers printed by top makes no sense, and sometimes
it hangs because the computed time to sleep makes no sense either).

Do we have some floating point test suite around (or something available
from pkgsrc) ?

There are quite few tests online for floating-point testing, such as or I bet you can find
many more.

Another idea is to install some CAS from pkgsrc and run its own test
suite, if it has one. E.g., math/maxima.

Last, we have a math test suite for libm. Here you can find
information on how to deploy it:

You could give it a shot and compare your results with those for other

If there are many more failures in MIPS than in other archs, that
could be indicative of a problem in MIPS.

If you find the problem with MIPS to be related to gcc there's an alternative[1] compiler that's recently been ported over to NBSD and may offer better results in correctness and performance.

(Disclaimer - Emailing from my open source email, but I'm paid to work on this project.)




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