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Re: floating point test suite ?

2010/10/9 Manuel Bouyer <>:
> Hello,
Hi Manuel

> I strongly suspect that the MIPS floating point emulation has some
> issues (the numbers printed by top makes no sense, and sometimes
> it hangs because the computed time to sleep makes no sense either).
> Do we have some floating point test suite around (or something available
> from pkgsrc) ?
> [...]

There are quite few tests online for floating-point testing, such as or I bet you can find
many more.

Another idea is to install some CAS from pkgsrc and run its own test
suite, if it has one. E.g., math/maxima.

Last, we have a math test suite for libm. Here you can find
information on how to deploy it:

You could give it a shot and compare your results with those for other

If there are many more failures in MIPS than in other archs, that
could be indicative of a problem in MIPS.

Best regards,

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