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Re: libcodecs(3), take 3

>>>>> On Wed, 29 Sep 2010 09:30:45 +0900,
        SODA Noriyuki <> said:

> If the following change is done, it may be OK to import libcodecs into

s/the following change is/the following changes are/

Singular/plural is always problem for me (or most of Japanese). ;-)

> the tree, and fix other things later:
> - changing the name "ascii2ebcdic" to "iconv(ASCII,EBCDIC-CP-US)"
> - changing the name "ebcdic2ascii" to "iconv(EBCDIC-CP-US,ASCII)"
> - changing "to_unicode" to "iconv(UTF-8,UTF-16LE)"
> - changing "to_utf8" to "iconv(UTF-16LE,UTF-8)"
> I think the followings must be done until any official release,
> but that may not be trivial for people who are not so familiar with
> iconv(3)/wctran(3) APIs, so it may be better to import libcodec at
> first, and let people who familiar with the APIs change the usage.:
> - libcodecs(3) should internally call iconv(3).
> - wide character conversion should be done before calling towctrans(3).

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