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libcodecs(3), take 3

Many thanks for all the feedback. Latest version at:

I've incorprated and addressed all the points I've seen so far, both
on and off list.  This includes soda-san's wide char translations,
christos's return values suggestion, and various other ones I received
where the requestors did not want to appear on-list, including a -l
arg to codecs(1) to list the possible transformations that can be

As far as ebcdic name goes, I've always been sceptical about python's
use of a codepage name for that character set, since i can never remember
what it is, and don't want to have to search for something that should be
obvious. Likewise, I'm not going to get too uptight about the unicode-16
stuff, mainly because i want to make it better, and will do that after
I've managed to get it committed.

As far as the tangential discussion went, thanks for the funopen(3)
suggestions.  I actually added some code in to hook into funopen(), but
it wasn't right, so I took it out.  In general, I'd prefer to get
libcodecs(3) into place and then start to refine it and see what else
it can be used for. Don't worry, the abstraction is useful, and this
will return -- just not in the immediate version I'd like to commit.

Any objections to committing it now, and doing that? Please speak up
if that's the case.


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