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Re: fix? for old pd-ksh file completion bug

Greg A. Woods <woods <at>> writes:

> I've now "tested" the change in mksh as well and it seems to do the
> trick there without breaking anything obvious.  The code

Would you kindly mail me a diff? â

> It's too bad the tests framework in the pd-ksh release doesn't currently
> allow for testing the command-line editing features.  
> (too bad too that the test driver is written in Perl)

Yeah. Sucks. Iâm toying with the idea of writing a second test driver
in mksh, for when you know the shell âalmostâ works. Helps on embedded
systems (that have no Perl), too.

> I haven't seen anything at all from Michael since '99 when 5.2.14 was
> released.

There were some later patches, but one of it broke BSD make.

> mksh is being quite actively maintained, though I don't really like the
> fact that Glaser has slapped his own copyright on previously PD code.

No, I put a licence on code which I have copyright and moral rights
that I cannot waive under German UrhG on. I wrote and rewrote massive
amounts of code in mksh. I also note that I donât seem to have received
an eMail from you regarding mksh, in the last 5 or so years.

> (and he seems to have tossed out the test suite too, though so did
> NetBSD )

Nope, just run ã./ -vã after

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