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Re: fix? for old pd-ksh file completion bug

>I replaced the '$' with a '[' at some point a long time ago for some
>reason I can no longer remember (probably based on fixes I saw in either

Thanks for the input.

>There are many other bugs too and the most complete fix is probably to
>replace pd-ksh with mksh and then we don't have to maintain quite so
>many local changes any more -- it actually still suffers the same bug,
>but also includes the '[' as I do.  However in the case of mksh the fix
>can be propagated back upstream much more easily than with pd-ksh it

I can't speak to that - I sent a copy of my patch to michael (afaik he's
still the current maintainer) for comment.

I've used pd-ksh happily since about '90, but as a past maintainer I'm
obviously biased.


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