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Re: Google Summer of Code proposal - libm audit

2010/3/31 Christos Zoulas <>:
> In article <>,
> Martin Husemann  <> wrote:
>>This is a good project suggestion. Please make sure to cover the various
>>floating point formats (if possible including the vax). If you need access
>>to test machines, I can provide that.

Thank you all for taking time to comment!

Martin, regarding the test machine(s).. it would be awesome. I have
only access to x86 / amd64 netbsd installations. So, whatever arch you
consider worthwhile and you can provide access for, I won't say no :)
Besides, for things like floating point exceptions that have an MD
part, it can't be done otherwise anyway.

> Yes, this is a great project suggestion. Gimpy and I have done some work
> to implement long double and fenv.h. There is still quite a bit of work
> to be done... Please contact me or Gimpy before you start working on it
> so we can point you to what we have done so far.

Christos, I must admit that having you guys worked on it, it's kind of
intimidating :) But I'll do my best! I'll poke you or gimpy in private
in the next days, to brief me on what has been done up until now.

To spice things up, I'd rather start hacking on it early decoupling
the project on GSoC sponsoring. Even if the project doesn't make it
in, some progress will be made. And if it makes it in, then the
preliminary work will balance out any unforeseeable events during the
summer time-frame, such as exams or whatever.

I expect by next Monday to have a refined proposal with some time
lines, etc. Still doing research. I don't want to make bold claims or
promise things that are over my head.

Again, thank you all.

Best regards,
Stathis Kamperis

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