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Supporting MDNS-SD in daemon programs


Now that we have MDNS in its Bonjour incarnation in the base OS:

Is there any interrest to make the daemon programs supplied by the
NetBSD base OS aware of MDNS-SD? I.e. should advertise e.g. nfsd(8),
lpd(8) or ftpd(8) its service through MDNS-SD on the local network?
MDNS-SD advertisement should be an option that is turned off by default.

A while back I implemented this feature in inetd(8). (See inetd.c
revision 1.114) This was backed out with the comment:
        Back out mDNS changes which were not discussed.
        There is design work that needs to be done first.

Now I wane start this discussion.

What has to be designed?
Is MDNS-SD advertisement support in daemons wanted at all?
What was bad with my additions to inetd(8) in particular?



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