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Re: FreeBSD i18n fonts for wscons

On 2 February 2010 17:09, Matthias Drochner 
<> wrote:
> said:
>> Everything else can be configured by loading a translation table
>> together with a font. That way you can have fonts that cover, say
>> several of ISO-8859-n.
> Yes, I've considered this, and it makes sense to add it.
> (needs an extension of the wsfont user API, and some more
> framework additions)
> But imo it also makes sense to compile decoders for the
> most likely used encodings into the kernel; the infrastructure
> for loading and parsing user tables is much more expensive than
> two or three <1k arrays in the kernel.

Indeed. Still the infrastructure for loading and parsing user tables
*and* a few < 1k tables is still more expensive.

>> The code need not have apriori knowledge of any
>> encoding other then "C" ASCII.
> At least for users of standard VGA hardware it makes sense
> to have some mapping support in the kernel to make best use
> of the IBM font which is there anyway.

There is no guarantee that the font present in a particular VGA
adapter has any particular encoding although customizations to the ROM
font are less likely with recent hardware as the font included in the
adapter is of little importance.



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