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How to import pkg_install?


Joerg, I assume you have fixed the build breakage of pkg_install you
mentioned because I didn't hear otherwise.

I'd like to import a new version of pkg_install into src to get the
support of PKG_DBDIR in pkg_install.conf, which will allow us to
deprecate the pkgdb_dir settings in security.conf and daily.conf (and
maybe other places; I have to check).  The goal is to only need to set
that variable in a single place.

What is the procedure to import pkg_install?  From what I see, do this
in src/external/bsd/pkg_install:

- Move dist to dist.old.
- Copy pkg_install/files from pkgsrc to dist.
- Run
- Import from within dist with vendortag PKGSRC and releasetag set to
- Update reachover Makefiles, if needed.

Anything missing?

Julio Merino

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