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Re: New callhome(8) page; comments?

On Sun, 24 Jan 2010 21:50:10 +0000
Julio Merino <> wrote:

> > Network access, or network access to TNF machines? If the former,
> > there's ntpd.
> Still, callhome(8) might be appropriate.  We are just calling
> different homes ;)  Any suggestions?

I like the idea of callhome(8).  It probably should be linked via
afterboot(8) too.

There are various levels of "pickyness" we could chose however:

Do we simply add software which explicitely connects regularily to
specific remote services on the internet?

If ntpd(8) should also be included, how about named(8)?  It will query
root and zone dns servers.

If we support zeroconf and similar functionality, do we want to also
care about this?  Routers will advertize their presence over the
network, and clients will send queries to it over the network (although
that's not strictly "calling home" per say, it allows rendez-vous).
This would be in the same branch as rtadvd(8) if we want to also add
those.  If we decide to also care about those, then how about DHCP
clients, which query the network's "home"?


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