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Re: Kernel VS application file caching

On Thursday 21 January 2010 21:39:00 Quentin Garnier wrote:
> I'd gently suggest at some point to visit, for instance,
>  Given how little you
> tell about the grand scheme behind all your questions, it might be
> better for you to work that way.
Am I annoying people on this list by asking too many simple questions?
> I'm not quite sure from where you get the idea that calling mmap on a
> file makes the kernel load data into memory.
If you know something better than another person, why not explain it, instead 
of ridiculing. By the way I do know that calling mmap on an object and 
accessing it will dynamically bring in data in pages, as they are accessed. In 
my previous comments I was referring to the fact that in my view there was no 
simple way of dynamically putting hard restrictions on the amount of data 
cached by kernel for a particular file.

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