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Re: Possible pthreads memory leak

<note: John, I accidentally replied to you alone at first, sorry for
the double post>

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 10:28 PM, john heasley <> 
> i think threads are attacahed by default, so you need to free the thread
> pointer ,etc.  pthread_destory()

Hello John,

I guess you mean pthread_detach()? I never thought that that was
needed, and reading the man pages suggests that it's equivalent to a
non-blocking version of pthread_join. So pthread_join should
theoretically do the same cleanup that pthread_detach does, after the
child thread exits. And indeed, calling pthread_detach after
pthread_join (or vice versa) still leaks memory. pthread_detach
returns an error too (ESRCH), as I guess it should.

Not sure what to do now, I suppose I'll modify my program to keep a
thread pool around so this won't matter. Thanks for the help though.


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