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Re: The imperfect beauty of NetBSD

On Fri, Jan 08, 2010 at 06:39:02AM +0200, Kristaps Dzonsons wrote:
>> Is there any suitably licensed text search engine that's worth
>> importing to get a real man page search capability?
>> (Er. Off-topic, followups to tech-userlevel I guess...)
> Do you have anything specific in mind?

Not really, just something better than substring search on the page
header lines. Although something that does some form of "real" text
search rather than just grep would be a plus. We can't expect to do as
well as Google, but there have to be *some* free search tools.

Regardless, even grep is a big step up from what exists. The only real
question is whether there's some standard that says apropos/man -k
isn't allowed to produce useful search results... and if so whether we

David A. Holland

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