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On Mon, 23 Nov 2009, Robert Elz wrote:

>   | I think the code could use a fairly major rethink. For
example, even with
>   | my change we get
>   |
>   | ORIG:
>   | HTTP:
> Hmm - never considered that, I expect that only the path
part of a
> URL is intended to be passed to these functions, not the
whole thing.

Yes, was thinking about that on the train yesterday. Perhaps
VIS_HTTPSTYLE is just for HTTP path elements, rather than a
whole URL
which would be VIS_URLSTYLE as there are other schemes than
HTTP though
the documentation doesn't really define it that way..

> Who or what actually uses this function (with the HTTPVIS
flag set) ?
> Is there a client?

This is a good question and perhaps I was using it wrongly
libbluetooth - there is a SDP data element URL type which I
was pushing
through vis to ensure it printed ok. I've not seen an URL
element in
the wild until recently though so didn't notice anything

The only in-tree usages (other than sdpquery(1)) are db(1),
vis(1) and
unvis(1) so I'm not sure of the actual rationale.

On Tue, 24 Nov 2009, Alan Barrett wrote:
> I think the above examples are correct.  Escaping the
slashes is
> necessary for uses like this:
>       http://redirect.example/?target=
> Maybe vis could take some extra flags to provider finer
> For example, I have a "quote" command, which takes -x and
-X options
> to add or remove characters from the list of things to be

I see that now, yes - and vis(1) can do -x with "-h -e
extra" but not -X


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