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Re: Lua as a scripting language in NetBSD

> > Lua would allow us to extend exisiting software in interesting ways,  
> > DHCP option processing in DHCP clients comes to my mind, or even the  
> > system installer, sysinst (not to speak of the advantages of keeping  
> > airport codes up to date using Lua scripts...) I have more ideas, but  
> Since none of this is available, there seems to be no benefit of lua
> in base over lua in pkgsrc right now.

True.  On the other hand, we have a tradition that the build of the
NetBSD system itself is self-contained, in that all the tools the
NetBSD build depends on are available in-tree, and as Marc stated,
this poses a slight chicken-and-egg problem when you want to introduce
a new tool: you can't deploy any in-tree rewritten software which
depends on Lua because Lua itself isn't in-tree, and you get
resistance to put Lua in-tree because no other in-tree software uses
it (yet).  Do you have a suggestion for how this issue should be

> And if you ask me, it should be JavaScript instead.

Now, what perspective did *that* statement come from?!?


- Håvard

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