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Re: libcurses almost working with libterminfo

Roy Marples wrote:
Here's a small update to my libterminfo implementation [1].
For things that use terminfo directly and not via curses it works 100% with my testing :)

I've also prepared a patch for libcurses to use libterminfo [2].
This sort of works. It doesn't crash, but it also doesn't behave entirely correctly. For example, vi editing /etc/fstab the END key fails to work (screen flashes, case changes) and centerim has some redraw and keyboard handling issues.

Saying that, screen appears to work fine - but i think it just uses curses to get a the tigetstr functions and friends which are in libterminfo.

At this stage I'm asking for help getting the libcurses part to work as I'm not entirely sure how various parts work internally.

I take this all back.
I've tested boggle, hangman and vi (libterminfo issue fixed as stated in subsequent email) from NetBSD and mutt, centerim from pkgsrc. libcurses built on libterminfo works just like libcurses on libterm for these apps - centerim has the same issues on our curses.

Can any interested parties test anything else and confirm things work or break?

I'll start preparing patches for things to compile against libterminfo instead of libterm as I think this is pretty much ready to go now.



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