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Re: xmltools status and (future) integration into base

On Thu, 13 Aug 2009 21:38:31 +0200
Nhat Minh Le <> wrote:

> Hi,
> As my xmltools are getting near a usable state (xmlgrep has been
> around for a while, and I expect xmlsed to be out in the coming weeks;
> you can read more on the state of the tools themselves on my blog[1]),
> I would like some pointers on how they should integrate into base.
> I'm not much more familiar with the /usr/src hierarchy than what is
> written in hier(7), but as far as I understand it, I could either put
> my code in external/bsd/xmltools/ or usr.bin/xmltools/.
> On the one hand, my project is using the NetBSD makefile-based build
> system natively so, technically, I think it is more logical to have
> them in usr.bin/xmltools/, with several subdirectories building the
> different tools and a common/ subdirectory for the static core library
> (eventually I would like to be able to make the library into something
> externally reusable though, that is not the case yet, but should this
> become possible, would my library have to move elsewhere?). That would
> look somewhat like e.g. how usr.bin/xlint is organized at the moment.
> On the other hand, I would probably want to continue development on my
> own Git repository, only importing changes into base when they are
> stable enough, and David Young, my mentor, has told me this work flow
> suits external/ better.
> Which one is preferable? Or is there another option I have overlooked?
> Nhat Minh
>  [1]

src/usr.bin will much more likely to recieve commits from other NetBSD
developers, as source there are handled like "TNF's own".
External is more like third party sources.

Hope that helps to decide

ps.: nice work!

Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>

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