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Re: CVS commit: src/etc/rc.d

Bernd Ernesti <> writes:
>> Committed By:        perry
>> Date:                Mon Aug  3 17:45:48 UTC 2009
>> Modified Files:
>>      src/etc/rc.d: named ntpdate
>> Log Message:
>> ntpdate can't work without named because a modern ntp.conf has dns
>> names in it. We therefore now depend on it.
> Huh?
> That maybe true if you use some round robing ntp serers, but not if
> you hard wire it to specific hosts.

We ship with a config that specifies round robin NTP servers, as do most
OSes at this point, and most users will be configured that way -- it is
clearly something we need to support out of the box.

>> I'm not sure this is perfect, but it is certainly a big improvement
>> over constantly failing ntpdate runs during boot.
> Where did you ask for review if you are not certain about this changes?

Who do you think understands how this works better than I do? (That's a
rhetorical question.)

The real issue I was alluding to is that the various pseudo-dependencies
have gotten out of hand and some of the naming is inconsistent. Things
need cleaning up, but doing that is difficult. Why? Because it messes up
pkgsrc and third party rc.d scripts (or at least would force people to
maintain several versions of them.) I've therefore avoided going in to
do it, and probably never will since that would be an even bigger mess.

Perry E. Metzger      

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