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Re: CVS commit: src/etc/rc.d

>>> ntpdate can't work without named because a modern ntp.conf has dns
>>> names in it.  We therefore now depend on it.
>> Of course it can.  [...]
> It "could", but that's not available in all circumstances --

No, but it's available in plenty of circumstances.  Certainly well
within the bounds of plausible use cases.

> In any case this fix causes no harm

Causes _you_ no harm, perhaps.  But those of us weho care about
timestamps on log entries generated early in boot want ntpdate run
pretty close to first, certainly well before anything as heavyweight as
nameservice.  (I'd actually _like_ to see ntpdate run even before
remounting / RW, or at least see it no harder to make that happen than
setting a couple of rc.conf variables.)

> and fixes an annoying problem that has been in the config scripts for
> a couple of years. introducing a different annoying problem for a different set of

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