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Re: strtonum(3) from OpenBSD?

> As I pointed out, the API for this function, *as specified by the
> manual page*, distinguishes error return cases by way of *specific
> strings given in the manual page* (which is why it is not
> localizable) which it does not distinguish by different errno values.

To be fair, Thor, we should note that, since those strings are not
really human-interface strings but rather a peculiar representation for
members of a very small set of error conditions, localizing them is not
really relevant.  (Not unless you try to think of the string as an
error _message_ rather than a strangely-represented error code, which,
while I suppose is reasonably likely given the strings' contents and
the preponderance of English, is really a conceptual error akin to
thinking ENOTTY has something to do with tty lines merely because it
contains "TTY" in the name.)

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