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Re: strtonum(3) from OpenBSD?

>> [123 lines of verbatim quotes, most of which didn't need quoting]

Please trim your quotes for relevance!  [This is actually addressed to
everyone who doesn't trim; you are, sadly, far from alone in that.]

> what I find amusing is that people come up with their own
> implemetation of such a function instead of simply accept the fact
> that there is a function in OpenBSD and FreeBSD that is accepted by
> many good folks...

I don't see any inconsistency between accepting that fact and rolling
your own.  I can accept the fact that it exists and still think it's a
badly designed API, to the point where I find it cleaner to build my
own than use that one.

> strtonum(3) may not be perfect, indeed it has some issues when it
> comes to an internationalized OS.   But why be special and not have a
> function that other BSDs have as well?

Because it's badly designed.  Popularity does not make a badly designed
API suitable for inclusion in NetBSD.

> Personally I find

> - it makes no sense to create a NetBSD specific equivalent of a
>    function that other BSDs have

I disagree, when the function's interface is as poorly designed as this
one's is.

> - It would ease porting software between the BSDs if we had this
>    function somewhere

True.  It might be worth putting in libcompat or some such.

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