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Re: terminfo vs termcap

>>> [...a single process using multiple terminal types...]
>> There are no arguments to pass to the put function to indicate where
>> output should go and there is a single global "current TERMINAL"
>> state.
> oh.  termcap can't do that either (unless you're talking about a
> different implementation from that which everyone else uses).

Traditional termcap can't.  We do, however, have t_getent, t_getnum,
etc, which do appear to fully support using multiple terminal types.
(Even traditional termcap can support use of multiple terminals, though
not multiple types; most functions return strings, and the one that
doesn't - tputs - takes a callback to handle output.)

We've had the t_* suite of calls since, at least, 1.4T.  (I knew
sticking with 1.4T would be good for soemthing someday. :)

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