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Re: [PATCH] pcictl: simplify its usage

In message <>, "Christoph Egger" writes:
>(Resend, this time with the correct subject. I'm not subscribed
>on tech-userlevel, so I c&p the mail from the archive.)

Ahh, okay.

>argv is passed through to getopt(). getopt() expects argv
>as char * const [] or implicitely converts argv into this.

>I tried const char *[] but this results in a warning when argv
>is passed to getopt().

It would.

>So either we go the "char * const []" way or leave it as is.
>All other variants of const'ification produce a warning.

I would say leave it as is.  It is harmless to pass a non-const-qualified
type to a function expecting a const-qualified type.  There is no actual
const qualification in the formal type of main, and I don't think we need
to add one.


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