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wedge like devices and newfs

Hi folks,

During my work on LVM and ZFS I have found that for historical reasons I need to provide disklables on Logical volumes aka zvols on ZFS. I have found that problem is mostly in newfs because it uses DIOCGDINFO to get info about disks. I have written patch against newfs and kernel disk drivers which changes this behaviour. With my patch newfs uses DIOCGDISKINFO and DIOCGWEDGEINFO ioctls to get information about disk/volume size. DIOCGDISKINFO is proplib based ioctl which returns dictionary defined in disk.h with disk and disk geometry info. DIOCGWEDGEINFO is ioctl for wedge like devices(Logical volumes, zvols, dks), other disk devices should still support old disklabel ioctls.

I have tested this patch with wd disks, lvm disks and zvols. I would like to commit this soon, because it fixes several issues which we have now with LVM and newfs_msdos/newfs_udf which are
not able to get LV size.

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