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Re: replacement for bc(1), dc(1), diff(1), and diff(3)


>> On Mar 25, 2005, at 8:54 AM, Igor Sobrado wrote:
>> > Following the advice of Karsten Kruse, I will propose this change
>> > in this mailing list instead of the comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc
>> > newsgroup.
>> >
>> > My suggestion is replacing bc(1), dc(1),
>> There has already been some private discussion about replacing bc/ 
>> dc.  I do not know the heritage of the OpenBSD versions, but Anders  
>> Magnussen was looking at the now-freed-up old AT&T versions.  I'll  
>> let him elaborate further.
> Yep, I fixed the AT&T tools to be more modern ~4 years ago, directly
> after the Caldera code release.  I didn't add full gnu-compatibility
> to the tools though.
> Anyway, I spoke to Phil Nelson about this about a year ago, and 
> he agreed to release his bc under BSD license, so I wrote a dc
> frontend to his number library.  Since then I haven't heard anything.

did anything happen since then?


> Anyway, if someone's interested, my dc frontend is available at
> if someone is
> interested.  It is supposed to be linked together with Phil's number.c.
> -- Ragge

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