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Re: IPv6 support for yp/NIS

In article <>,
Luke Mewburn  <> wrote:
>On Fri, Oct 03, 2008 at 05:36:04PM -0400, Glen R. J. Neff wrote:
>  | I find myself in one hell of a conundrum. I need an NIS server that
>  | supports IPv6.
>  | 
>  | I initially tried with FreeBSD but found that every piece of the yp
>  | suite supported IPv6 except ypserv.
>  | 
>  | Then someone told me that NetBSD's ypserv supported it, so I gave it a
>  | try, and they're right, it does!  But you know what, in the case of
>  | NetBSD, every piece of the yp suite supports IPv6 except ypbind. 
>Have you submitted a PR about the lack of IPv6 in ypbind?
>Less likely for the problem to be forgotten about that way.

Isn't the problem that RPC does not really support anything but IPv4?


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