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IPv6 support for yp/NIS

I find myself in one hell of a conundrum. I need an NIS server that
supports IPv6.

I initially tried with FreeBSD but found that every piece of the yp
suite supported IPv6 except ypserv.

Then someone told me that NetBSD's ypserv supported it, so I gave it a
try, and they're right, it does!  But you know what, in the case of
NetBSD, every piece of the yp suite supports IPv6 except ypbind. 

This is maddening! How can both of these projects have non-overlapping
holes in their yp suites like this?

Here's some console & sockstat output to show what I'm talking about:


 * Glen R. J. Neff
 * RTP TSG Network Team
 * EMC^2 == E^2

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