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Re: BeastieBox, a (Net)BSD BusyBox-like

In other words, maybe the people who designed crunchgen and /rescue
actually had some idea what they were doing?

oh, I didn't meant to offence anyone, I'm just digging, learning, and pretty glad to find out there was a better way to do what I initiated.

I think it would make a lot more sense to concentrate on:

1) Clean support for alternate lists of executables to crunch, in the
  existing build system, so a single build could produce multiple
  crunched executables without a lot of tedious list maintenance.

Agree, but what about executables like sh(1) or ex(1)/vi(1) and probably others having "huge" non-reductible dependencies (ncurses, libedit...) ? (note this is a real question, better said: "what would you suggest ?"). For these two, as an example, I ported NetBSD 0.9 sh(1) and 2.11BSD ex(1) that only depends on libterm.

2) Making the existing "let's get small" (-DSMALL etc.) code cut out
  more stuff where possible, *particularly* library dependencies.

That's actually what I had in mind when speaking about ifdef's some posts ago.

3) Ensuring that when libc files are built for use by crunchgen they
  are built with the options to make them as small as possible: no
  compat code, little or no nsswitch support, etc.


Instead of producing a separate busybox imitation for little or no reason
when /rescue already does pretty much exactly what is wanted.

As mentionned in my very first announce, this is/was a for-fun project, now if there's a need for something similar in NetBSD's base, I'd be glad to drop bbox's ball to concentrate on something having a meaning for the NetBSD project.

And btw :

~$ du -sh /rescue
7.4M    /rescue

That's really not the kind of size I have in mind when talking about a reduced system :)


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