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Re: Building FILES?

> Also, it's conventional to use ".", not "_", in the variable name:

>       FILESBUILD.tralala = yes


 FILESOWN_<fn>   File owner of the specific file <fn>.

 FILESGRP_<fn>   File group of the specific file <fn>.

 FILESMODE_<fn>  File mode of the specific file <fn>.

 FILESDIR_<fn>   The location to install the specific file <fn>>

 FILESNAME_<fn>  Optional name to install <fn> as.

 INCSNAME_<file> The name file <file> should be installed as, if not <file>,
                same as FILESNAME_<file>, but for include files.


 SCRIPTSDIR      The location to install the scripts.  Each script can be
                installed to a separate path by setting SCRIPTSDIR_<script>.
 SCRIPTSNAME     The name that the above program will be installed as, if
                different from ${SCRIPTS}. These can be further specialized
                by setting SCRIPTSNAME_<script>.

 CPPSCRIPTFLAGS_<fn> Additional flags to cpp(1) when building CPPSCRIPT <fn>.

Is all this for historical reasons?

Can anybody please fix

    pkg/39715 [serious/high]: bmake: bug in

This relates to pkgsrc.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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