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getdelim(3) and getline(3) for NetBSD?

See question 24.
Also see

getdelim and getline functions were introduced recently.
IMHO it whould be nice to see these function in NetBSD (NetBSD-6?).

getdelim, for example, can make xargs -0 implementation much simplier.
Reentrant getline(3) also seems good to me.

Why 'xargs -0' and 'find -print0' was/is absent in Caldera/Solaris and others?

From wip/heirloom-find (opensourced by Caldera years ago) manual page.

       The -print0 operand supported by some other implementations is
       considered a very limited work-around since it does not allow
       the output to be processed by utilities unaware of NUL
       characters; it has therefore not been included here.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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