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Re: Would you accept a small patch to make window(1) work on non-BSD systems?

Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg <at>> writes:

> Source changes are very likely to get included, but I don't think we
> want to springle the tree with GNUMakefiles. 

I poked around in cvsweb but I couldn't find any example of a program NetBSD 
packages for external use.  Could you name one or two?

> For those cases we packaged
> programs for external use, they are generally done with autoconf and
> those files are not kept in src.

I am willing to use autotools if people tell me it's a better idea.  Is it a 
better idea?

Note that I don't want spend too much time on window(1) or to take on 
maintainership.  If I send just a source code patch, a, and a to the NetBSD project, will someone else handle all the rest?

jasonspiro4 at

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