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Re: new scp too verbose

Havard Eidnes wrote:

> > I've just upgraded the userland on one machine here, and noticed that
> > the new HPN-patched scp adds some ugly and (IMNSHO) utterly useless
> > extra goop after it finishes copying:
> Yes, at least partially.
> >     euclid 4> scp -p /netbsd opteron:/tmp/
> >     netbsd                      100% 6082KB   5.9MB/s   2.9MB/s   00:01
> >     Max throughput:   3.1MB/s
> >
> >     euclid 5>
> >
> > Not only do we get a new useful "Max throughput" summary (?!) but also a
> > nice shiny new blank line too.  Any objections if I revert the following
> > part of the HPN patch from crypto/dist/ssh/progressmeter.c to get us back
> > to the old clean display?
> The new blank line I have no desire for. :-)
> Any chance the "Max throughput" output could be made optional in
> some way?  Possibly (also) controlled via config file setting, so
> it could be made per-host by the user?

Given that Alan Barrett points out the next release of the patch changes
this around so that there's only a single "normal" summary without a
separate "Max throughput" line (and blank line I'm hoping!), are you OK
with removing this great annoyance in the mean time?  And yes, I know
there's an opposite argument about leaving it as is until we add the
next patches, but I don't know the timeframe for that :-)


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