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Re: new scp too verbose

Havard Eidnes wrote:

> > I've just upgraded the userland on one machine here, and noticed that
> > the new HPN-patched scp adds some ugly and (IMNSHO) utterly useless
> > extra goop after it finishes copying:
> Yes, at least partially.
> >     euclid 4> scp -p /netbsd opteron:/tmp/
> >     netbsd                      100% 6082KB   5.9MB/s   2.9MB/s   00:01 
> >     Max throughput:   3.1MB/s
> >
> >     euclid 5>
> >
> > Not only do we get a new useful "Max throughput" summary (?!) but also a
> > nice shiny new blank line too.  Any objections if I revert the following
> > part of the HPN patch from crypto/dist/ssh/progressmeter.c to get us back
> > to the old clean display?
> The new blank line I have no desire for. :-)
> Any chance the "Max throughput" output could be made optional in
> some way?  Possibly (also) controlled via config file setting, so
> it could be made per-host by the user?

I had to look at the source code to work out why there are now two
rates in the rolling display (and have already forgotten which is
"instantaneous" and which is "average"!).  A third at the end for max
throughput seems like overkill (and not overly useful).

For me, it's remove the HPN progressmeter changes as proposed or remove
them locally - I can live with that either way.  I'm not set up for the
pain of digging around to add new ssh options :-)


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