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Re: New postfix vs. /var

> >> It is easy enough to change; we can change the source code and the
> >> documentation to point to /var/db/postfix, but do you want to be
> >> different for the sake of being different?
> How about being different for the sake of being right?  If it belongs
> in /var/db (I don't know whether this does; I've never looked at
> postfix), we should put it in /var/db; if it belongs in /var/lib, we
> should put it in /var/lib.  Independent of what anyone else does.
> I _thought_ that's what NetBSD was all about: doing it right.

Me too.

/var/lib is a Linuxism.  The directory tree is used for "variable
state information", and it's actually standardized in their file
hierarchy standard, ref.

They don't have /var/db, though.  A shame, really, that they
decided to be different -- I suspect the BSD world's adoption of
/var/db predates them standardizing /var/lib, but their archive
of older issues of the FHS is apparently too small to make that


- Håvard

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