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Re: SoC: Improve syslogd

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 1:50 PM, Rainer Gerhards 
<> wrote:
> I could do a quick test. Unfortunately, it does not work. You will
> always see EAGAIN - no matter if the underlying connection is broken
> or not. While on the road, I did also think about this method. From a
> theoretical point of view, I think it can not work.  I'll elaborate a
> bit later as I need to head to the next meeting (I just found time to
> squeeze the quick test into today's busy schedule...).

I have finally managed to write up why it is impossible to do reliable
(syslog) message transmission over plain tcp without an app-layer

I consider the conclusion to be final. I would be more than glad to be
proven wrong, but I don't see any way how this could happen.


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