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Re: localeio

[Sorry, this is a repost, since I made same mistake in the Cc: header ;)]

>>>>> On Wed, 21 May 2008 03:51:47 +0000,
      Brian Ginsbach <> said:

>> The following change has some serious problems.
>> e.g.
>> - The database format doesn't have a magic number.
>> So, there is no chance to change the format.

> I know but the EXISTING LC_TIME stuff didn't either.  This was just
> a generalization of the existing logic.  The LC_TIME stuff has been
> there with exactly the same format for over a year.  Originally
> committed by Emmanuel Dreyfus (manu).

Yeah, that's a part of problem.  And spreading the problem is not a
good thing.

> Also note that FreeBSD has used this same "database" format for
> something like seven years.

FreeBSD's locale database has more problems.  That's why we didn't
just import it.

> The current format is basically a flat text file.  If a more binary
> format is required/desired, it should be possible design a header,
> with a magic number and version, that can easily be distinguished
> from the current and a new format.

I think it's is better to introduce the magic at the first point.
And that's possible in this case isn't it?

>> - The design doesn't consider the copy directive of localedef(1).

> It is not supposed to.  It is only supposed to be the internal
> format used by the library.  The copy directive of localedef(1) --
> which I've been working on when I have time -- is not used in the
> final form by the LIBRARY.  It is a directive that tells localedef(1)
> to copy the information from one locale when creating another.  I
> think you are confusing things.  

So, you expect creating a copy of the original, instead a referecne to
the orignal. OK.

>> Since these will introduce compatibility problem, I believe it is
>> better to disable this implementation temporarily for now.
>> I think review by Nozaki-san (tnozaki@netbsd) is necessary
>> as well as by christos.

> It was reviewed and OK'ed by christos.  He did not feel, at the
> time, it needed a wider audience.

Yeah, I know, and I'm not blaming you, of course.
I'm just suggesting.


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