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[Sorry, this is a repost, becuase I made a typo in Cc:]

The following change has some serious problems.

- The database format doesn't have a magic number.
  So, there is no chance to change the format.
- The design doesn't consider the copy directive of localedef(1).

Since these will introduce compatibility problem, I believe it is
better to disable this implementation temporarily for now.

I think review by Nozaki-san (tnozaki@netbsd) is necessary
as well as by christos.

> Module Name:    src
> Committed By:   ginsbach
> Date:           Sat May 17 03:49:54 UTC 2008
> Modified Files:
>         src/lib/libc/locale: _def_time.c setlocale.c
>         src/sys/sys: localedef.h
> Added Files:
>         src/lib/libc/locale: lcmessages.c lcmessages.h lcmonetary.c
>             lcmonetary.h lcnumeric.c lcnumeric.h lctime.c lctime.h localeio.c
>             localeio.h
> Removed Files:
>         src/lib/libc/locale: timeio.c timeio.h
> Log Message:
> Add support for additional locale categories: LC_MESSAGES, LC_MONETARY,
> The code used to load LC_TIME was refactored in to a more general routine.
> This common routine is now used to load LC_TIME along with the newly added
> categories.
> Changes discussed with/reviewed by christos.

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