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Re: Bumping shlib majors

Replying to myself:

> If a sipmle grep for LIBDPLIBS is trustworthy, this should
> affect:

It apparently wasn't -- well, it's probably trustworthy but not
comprehensive, as it appears some PAM modules now need their
majors bupmed as well:

dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_radius
      build  pam_radius/
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_rhosts
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_rootok
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_securetty
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_self
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_unix
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_skey
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_afslog
      build  pam_afslog/
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_krb5
      build  pam_krb5/
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_ksu
      build  pam_ksu/
dependall ===> lib/libpam/modules/pam_ssh
      build  pam_ssh/
dependall ===> lib/libpam/libpam
install ===> lib

It appears that the libpam and the libpam modules share a common
major number, ref. lib/libpam/, so they all need to
be bumped as well.

(I now have diffs for all these bumps in my tree, waiting for
build completion verification.)


- Håvard

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